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Korean Motor Car Spares is a new company in the highly competitive field of auto part supplies. We can assure you our all-round knowledge and experience with Korean vehicles is second to none and we can make sure your car keeps its brand new look and feel.

At Korean Motor Car Spares we understand the disappointments and problems you can experience in panel beating and mechanical repairs when you are given second-hand and after-market replacement products.

We have over 20 years of experience in panel beating and mechanical repairs, and we know the importance of new, genuine parts. We recognised the need for a reliable importer of genuine Korean parts at competitive prices and so Korean Motor Car Spares was born. We directly import new parts from Korea to cater for all your needs at the best possible price.

We also know the importance of efficient, reliable and friendly service, and our customers appreciate it too.

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If you are a Daewoo owner, you likely want to make sure that you are getting the best parts, like a Daewoo engine or gearbox at the most amazing prices. When you are looking for new parts at second hand prices, Korean Motor Car Spares is the company you want to work with.

For those Kia owners in Australia, at Korean Motor Car Spares, we know how important it is for you to get the best Kia engine parts that you can get in order to keep your car running like new. We are able to provide brand new Kia gearboxes and customised Kia service for your car at amazing prices.

When your Hyundai gearbox or engine is behaving badly or you notice strange noises that are alarming, here at Korean Motor Car Spares, we have the experience and know how to perform all of your Hyundai service repairs. From body to mechanical work, we know Korean cars and pledge to repair your vehicle right the first time.

If you consider yourself an at home mechanic, we hope that you will consider Korean Motor Car Spares when you’re looking for a Festiva gearbox or for your general Festiva parts. We have been around for over 20 years and we have parts available for the Festiva line of cars. All our parts are new, yet they have second hand prices.

Specialising in Parts, Repairs and Services Specialising in Parts, Repairs and Services

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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

If you need a replacement panel or part for your vehicle, you want the part to be replaced with a genuine new Korean part. Find out more about our spare parts collection.

Services & Repairs

Services and Repairs

We have over 20 years experience in the service and repair business. Our expert mechanical staff and panel beaters are skilled in servicing all Korean vehicles and models. Find out more

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Get in Touch

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